Amputee Arse Kicking Finals

The fabled one legged man in an arse kicking competition may well resent being compared to Theresa May, but it's a very fitting analogy. Even if she may be deft at hopping clear of her opponent's kicks, and able to maintain her balance when a kick does land home, she is fundamentally incapable of retaliating … Continue reading Amputee Arse Kicking Finals

Poor Anna Soubry

Anna Soubry is upset. While she was walking into parliament to continue her campaign to ignore the result of the EU referendum some people chanted some nasty things. Can't we just have a civilised discourse with mutual respect she asks. Politicians need to remember that civilised discourse and respectful disagreement are not givens. They are … Continue reading Poor Anna Soubry

How Brexit will be stopped

Here's the 'how' the powers that be are lining up their last minute about turn on leaving the European Union: First they can find that the vote is void because of Russian trolls and Aaron Banks using the wrong coloured pen on his campaign paperwork: Then they can find that, due to the exceptional … Continue reading How Brexit will be stopped